Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Saturday Conundrum

Well, it was time again this morning for another Saturday group ride. As I mentioned before, this is always a tough training tool to manage appropriately. And on top of it all, I felt pretty guilty even doing it. Because the flight for Japan is at noon tomorrow, we won't have much morning family time this weekend. And I used up a good portion of it this morning. This is a conundrum - if I don't ride, I end up spending 20 hours on a plane over 4 days with no exercise to speak of. If I do ride, I feel like an underperforming dad. In the end, I opted for the slightly selfish route, hoping that it would work out this afternoon.

As for the ride, it was a usual circuit to the coast, down PCH and back home via the Mulholland climb (below mtns pictured above). This is a 45 mile/4500 ft of climbing route, with the last climb being ~35 mins to complete. I took the opportunity to really put some interval work in both on the climb and on PCH, so I feel like I got some race conditioning in today. The legs are dead, so that means there was some work involved at least. The power workouts seem to still be adding value.

As for the rest of the day, we had a lot of family time, with the Kid sleeping on me for nearly 1 hour this afternoon. At least we got to spend some time together today.

Off to Japan...

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