Monday, March 3, 2008

Back In the Garage

Tonight seems to be pretty typical for this time of year - I worked until 5:30, got home at 5:45, hung out with Jack for a while (tummy time), and managed to get in 45 mins on the trainer. Sometimes this is a challenge, as I don't want to abandon the family, especially when Jack is having a bad time of it. But tonight he was happy, and it was time for him to eat, so voila: a 45 minute set of intervals was possible.

I'm never sure whether I'm choosing the right workout - I really should set up a whole plan w/ periodization, etc. But for now, I will just pick something interesting and high-intensity from the Joe Friel indoor trainer workout book (a great thing!) and hop to it. Tonight was 12 mins of warmup, a total of 5 x :20 max sprints w/ 3 min rest intervals, and 3 x 3 intervals at 30 min TT pace. I think I have dialed in these power numbers, so the sprints I range from 650 - 700 watts, and the 30 min TT pace is at 275-285 watts. I should re-test this at some point, but it feels about right currently. And I think it's getting results - on Saturday I felt more power was on hand.

One final thought - I need to schedule the next race and determine if I will train through it or try to work in a taper schedule. I think LA Circuit is March 16 or so, so I need to figure this out this week. Since I travel tomorrow and won't have time to work out, maybe that can be tomorrow's task.

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