Friday, March 14, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect...?

After spending 3 days in Japan, in addition to the 20+ hours on the plane, last night I was very much in need of some type of hard work on the bike. While in Tokyo, I managed to spend a few mins on a stationary bike (overlooking Tokyo from the 26th floor of my hotel - not too bad!), but overall there was little time for work on the bike.

After returning Wednesday, I went back to work on Thursday and managed to get out early to go home and see Jack. He reached out and grabbed something for the first time yesterday, so I wanted to come home and see him for a little while before I set out for Camarillo practice.

As for Camarillo, this is a criterium practice session that runs every Thursday evening. The course is flat and very fast, and last night was no exception. Usually there are quite a few Cat 1's and 2's there, along w/ the occasional pro. This means that after the 10-lap warm-up (of 50-60 laps), things really take off. And last night was no exception. I stayed w/ the lead group for the first few laps, and then I was just gassed. After getting used to the bike handling at speed, and also recovering for a lap, I managed to hook back on and spent the rest of the time working hard, but staying in contact. That was my goal, so I feel good about this. The first break was hard as I was not warmed up at all, so it was just plain painful. But after that effort and a recovery, things came a little easier. I can say with confidence that I'm faster now than last summer when I last did the Camarillo Crit Practice.

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